Creative Coatings' entire process is efficient and effective. It begins with a 160 foot, seven-stage pre-treatment phase which uses iron phosphate and chemical sealers to prepare your product for coating. This ensures a surface for superior powder adhesion and rust protection. Once ready, your product enters the coating booth where sixteen automatic spray guns and two manual guns quickly go to work using 95% of the powder coating via reclaiming and reuse. This protects the environment and saves you money.
We even have the expertise to solve your most difficult masking requirements. In fact, one of Creative Coatings many specialties is providing the automotive, truck and RV industries with finishes from underbody to class "A", using a variety of powders (Epoxy, Polyester, etc.). For further information on powders, please visit PPG Industries / Powder Coating. Our strict standards ensure that every piece will meet or exceed your expectations. We have an automated quality system that performs immediate defect analysis. Whether we're running one or 30,000 pieces a day, we maintain the same concern for quality.